All of your questions should be answered below. If you have a question that is not on the FAQ list you can email us at customerservice@reliablebrothers.com

    Q: How long can I keep meat thawed in my refrigerator?
    A: Once the product is thawed it will stay fresh in the original packaging for up to 5 days.

      Q: What shipping carrier does Reliable Brothers Steaks Use?

      Q. How long will it take to receive my delivery?
      A: Total time from order to delivery should take approximately 4 business days. It takes about two days to cut the order fresh.

      Q: How long has Reliable Brothers Steaks been in the business?
      A: RB Steaks is a new concept but our family has been servicing the Albany, NY region since 1935.

      Q: What is RB Steaks Policy in regards to private information?
      A: RB Steaks has strict guidelines to make sure that any private information collected on the website will be not be sold to third parties.

      Q: What are the ways I can place an order?
      A: You can only place an order on www.reliablebrotherssteaks.com ??

      Q: What if I receive something that I am not satisfied with?
      A: RB Steak’s guarantees that you will be satisfied with our products. If unsatisfied you will need to contact our office within 3 days of delivery to discuss return options.

      Q: How will I know if my order was processed?
      A: You will receive and email within the first 24 hours letting you know the order has been received. Then we will email you when the product has left the plant with the tracking number.

      Q: How will the product be packaged?
      A: Your product is package in a custom cooler steak box with cooling packs to keep the product chilled.

      Q: What is the best way to store Reliable Brothers Steaks?
      A: All of our products will be individually sealed using the latest technology. Once received you can either put the product into your freezer for future use or thaw the product in the refrigerator for 12 hours before use.

      Q: How do I place an Order online?
      A: You will need to log on to www.reliablebrotherssteaks.com and create a new account. Then you add selected items into your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

      Q: Do I have to enter my credit card information online?
      A: You can call Reliable Brothers Steak’s @ 888-404-4120 and a customer service representative will be happy to assist you.

      Q: Can I change my order after it has been submitted?
      A: You will need to contact us immediately and speak to a customer representative.

      Q: I forgot my password how do I retrieve it?
      A: Go to sign in/register and click on password look-up. Once you enter your email address your password will be sent to your email.

        Q: What if my steaks are brown in color?
        A: The brown color is common when the oxygen has been removed from the packaging. Once the product is opened the meat will regain its red color again.